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An in office colonoscopy can be performed in a proper medical office setting instead of a hospital setting thanks to advances in medicine and the frequency of colonoscopy procedures being performed by well-trained physicians in this procedure. This is good news for people concerned about the high cost of a colonoscopy procedure.

Escalating health care costs have forced many Americans to put off needed medical screenings. One vitally important screening withNo High Fees For Colonoscopies at Colon Rectal Health Center a high price tag is a colonoscopy. The cost can vary greatly by country, hospital, anesthesia and other health care expenses. Given these variables, the average cost of a colonoscopy procedure is around $3,000.  Some parts of United States charge more than $9,000 for this procedure.  Because insurance deductibles can range from $1,000-$5,000, the entire cost of a colonoscopy procedure could come out of pocket.
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Why it’s easy to put off having a colonoscopy to detect colon cancer is that there are usually no symptoms of the disease until the cancer has progressed. A person can feel fine, yet there can be polyps in the colon which can lead to cancer. When detected early, the chance for a cure from colorectal cancer  is 80-90%.

According to the American Medical Association, 80 million Americans should be screened for colon cancer, but only 30% have been.


Dr. Steven Abbadessa is a board certified Proctologist and surgeon. He specializes in treating diseases of the colon and rectum. In his twenty-plus years of treating patients he has seen medical costs escalate while people’s wages have dwindled and many have lost their jobs entirely. As a result, he has adjusted his practice to meet the needs of his patients.

Patients don’t have to jeopardize their health because they can’t afford, what could ultimately be, a life-saving procedure.  As a board certified Proctologist and surgeon, he has performed thousands of colonoscopies in his twenty plus years of practice.

We accept most insurance plans and work with patients to develop a payment plan if needed.

It’s important that you be an informed patient, so you’ll find information on this website as to why having a colonoscopy is so important, what factors are considered high risk, and other diseases of the colon and rectum that are treated at  St. Louis Colon Rectal Health Center.

In addition to performing colonoscopies, we treat hemorrhoids, genital warts and any diseases associated with the colon and rectum. Patients have experienced relief from bleeding, pain and itching that comes from hemorrhoids. We’ve had spectacular results in treating genital warts caused by the  Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). When you click on these other specialties, you will be taken to websites focusing on the problems, solutions and treatment options.  View Dr. Abbadessa’s entire credentials.

Don’t put off seeking medical treatment or screenings. It could cost you more than money; it could cost you your health.
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To your health and peace of mind,

Dr. Steven Abbadessa

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